BFST® Battery Pack

Price: $69.95 USD

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Battery Pack Features:

  • Mobile
  • Rechargeable
  • Attaches to Wrap
  • Lights Indicate Charge Level
  • 3-20 Treatments Depending on Cycle
  • Low, Medium & High Treatment Levels
  • 1 Year Product Quality Warranty

NEW Rechargeable Battery Pack

BFST Battery Pack

Our new Rechargeable Battery Pack is designed to be used with your BFST® Wrap. It attaches to your wrap, making it completely mobile for a minimum of 3-20 treatments, depending on which BFST® Wrap you're using and which level you're using it at. For example, the BFST® Achilles Wrap will last for up to 10 treatments on Medium when fully charged. This means you're no longer limited to the length of the BFST® cord, making you free to do treatments while you're driving, doing chores around the house or out running errands.

Treatments On-The-Go

BFST Battery Pack

The Battery Pack is ideal for people who want to multitask and do their treatments wherever they go. The Battery Pack makes using the BFST® Wrap during travel incredibly easy. It also gives you more opportunities to get in your 3-4 treatments per day. No more sitting around and waiting for your treatment to end because of the plug. With the Battery Pack, you can go about your day as usual while doing treatments at the same time. Do treatments in the car, at work or at the gym without being plugged in. You can use it wherever the day takes you.

Easy To Use

The Battery Pack is easily charged using your BFST® power supply cord. It takes approximately 4 hours to achieve a full charge when the Battery is at 0%. You can charge the Battery and use it at the same time, however, this means it will take longer to fully charge. The Battery Pack comes with a strip of Velcro® you can use to attach it anywhere on your neoprene wrap. Using the Battery Pack is simple. Plug your BFST® controller into your Battery Pack and turn them both on.

Quality Guaranteed

King Brand Healthcare Products<sup>®</sup> 100% quality guarantee ribon

This King Brand® product comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Defects Warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.

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