Vibe OTG

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Product Includes:

  • Massage Gun
  • Charging Cable
  • 5 different head attachments
  • Instructions
  • Carrying Case

The Vibe OTG - The Highest Quality Massager for People On The Go

Vibe OTG Massage Gun

If you are on the go, this is the massager for you. This is a full featured massager. It features 5 selectable speeds from just 3 beats per second right up to 20 beats per second. It also has options to cycle through the speeds automatically and has an app that you can download to connect the massager to your cell phone. You can be fully in control and keep track of your treatments.

This is a powerful unit with a long-lasting powerful battery in a small package. You can give yourself multiple treatments between charges so you can charge it overnight, throw it in your bag and use it all day long.

The construction of this model is the same level that professional therapists use in their office and charge you a bundle to get. You can own that therapy and give yourself endless treatments for free! The compact and handy carrying case makes it ideal for travel. If you want the best quality product that you can easily bring along, this is the solution for you!

What's in the Kit

Vibe OTG Kit

The Vibe OTG kit comes neatly and compactly packed in a padded but rigid sided zip up carrying case with handle. There's also a mesh pocket in the case for you to throw in some of your own small items too!

Take with you the gun, charger, 5 different attachments plus personal items.

  • Large Circle: good for tender areas
  • Medium Circle: good for targeting both large and small muscle groups
  • Wedge: trigger points behind shoulder blades or IT Band
  • Small Circle: pinpointing hard to reach areas like the hands or feet
  • 2 Prong: hard to reach areas with larger muscle groups like the legs or back

Benefits of Vibrating Massagers

Percussive or Vibration massagers have been used by massage therapists and chiropractors for years. A lot of the time, when we have an injury in one area, someplace else gets stiff because we are compensating for the injury in how we move. Over time, this overcompensation can lead to tight, knotted muscles, and when your muscles knot like that they too become prone to new injuries. Massage guns are designed to help relieve tight muscles and general soreness, but should not be used on any injuries directly. Use them to prevent new injuries elsewhere. Use them to relieve knotted muscles so you simply don't have that pain. One to two minutes over a tight or sore muscle after an activity or workout can be all that is needed to help relieve pain or prevent another injury.

The "No Pain No Gain Mentality" needs to be understood

There's a common misconception that pain is an indicator of a good workout and without it you won't achieve your goals. It's important to understand what "pain" is being referred to here. The burning sensation that you get when doing repetitive or aerobic exercise is called "lactic acid burnout" or "lactic acid buildup". This pain continues to grow slowly over many repetitions and does not fade until you stop that exercise. This is not bad. It is the result of you pushing your muscles hard. It is a sign that you are pushing yourself in a good way.

Any pain that is sharp, or acute or sudden; if it feels like pulling or straining; if it starts and stops or grows and lessens through one cycle of motion; all this is bad pain. A burning sensation is good, but any sharp or sudden or highly localized pain is bad. Respect the bad pain. If you feel it, stop what you are doing or at least lighten the load to the point it no longer hurts. If you're feeling a sharp acute pain that occurs quickly, something that gets more or worse with each repetition, this is a sign of something more serious, and you should stop your exercise completely. Choosing to push though that pain will most likely lead to another injury.

The same principle applies to using a massage gun. You should never feel any sharp pain when using a massager. The same principle applies to any Physical Therapy. You should never feel any sharp pain when doing PT. If you do, speak up! Advocate for yourself because the Therapist doesn't feel what you do. The same principle applies to any type of treatment for soft tissue injury. You should never feel any sharp pain as a result of the treatment. If you do, seriously reconsider what you are doing.

Helping manage pain when compensating for an injury

When you have an injury, your body compensates in order to protect your injury site. For example, if you have an injured knee you might experience a change in gait. Gait refers to how your body moves. When you injure a knee, you will be limping and therefore compensating to reduce the amount of pressure applied to your knee injury. A change in gait can cause unexpected pain in another part of your body, maybe the other leg, maybe your back, or maybe another area in the same leg. Depending on where you are hurt and how your body compensates, you can get muscles knotting in all sorts of areas, right up to your neck! These are not "new" injuries, and those knots can be relieved with the help of a percussive massage gun. More than that though, you really should pay attention to these new tight areas because they are then prone to becoming injured as well.

Getting Started

Massage guns are safe and effective to use to help relieve sore, tired muscles on un-injured tissues. In order to get the best results, here are some tips:

1) Start Low and Slow. Just like any treatment or exercise, you don't want to jump straight to the hardest and most powerful level. You want to slowly build up. Gently float the massage gun over the areas in need.

2) Don't Press Hard. This massage gun, when very lightly pressed to the desired treatment area will help to reduce ache's and pains, and relieve sore muscles.

3) Keep Moving. A quick light massage will have greater benefit, than holding the massage gun in one area. Always keep the massage gun moving over the area for best results.

4) Added padding. If your knot is really sore, consider using additional padding to soften the massage at first. It can also be helpful to put padding over bones if you are massaging close to them because you don't really want to massage directly on your bones.

5) Keep Relaxed. Having relaxed muscles will allow the massage gun to effectively relax your sore and tired muscles. Keeping your muscles flexed does not allow the massage gun to get into the areas that it needs to, in order to be effective.


Massage guns are extremely safe to use to help relieve sore, tired and achy muscles. There are only a few exceptions when a massage gun should not be used.

  • If you are pregnant
  • On injured tissues
  • Open sores
  • Don't use on the face, throat, bones or neck

What is the Best Treatment Protocol For Me?

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