KB Plug Adaptor

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KB Plug Adaptor Features:

  • 100VAC-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz
  • No power converter needed
  • No transformer necessary

Use Your BFST® Wrap Across the World

Use your BFST® Wrap outside North America with one of our 4 Plug Adaptors. Whether you live outside North America permanently or want to bring your BFST® Wrap with you when you travel, these Adaptors will ensure that your Wrap works wherever you go.

Each of our 4 Adaptors is designed to be used in a different part of the world. Choose the one that's compatible with the outlets in your country.

UK Adaptor Aus Adaptor Schuko EUR EUR Adaptor Front Back

UK Adaptor

The UK Adaptor is ideal for use in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Vietnam, Iraq and many other countries.

Australian Adaptor

The Australian Adaptor can be used in Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina, among other countries.

European Adaptor - Large

The Large European Adaptor (also known as the Schuko Adaptor) is ideal for use in countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Spain, and Portugal.

European Adaptor - Small

The Small European Adaptor (also known as the Europlug) is compatible with the most common type of outlet found throughout Europe. It can be used in France, Italy, Greece, Finland, Greenland, and Egypt, among many other countries.

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